Noble Neighbor

by Thad Kopec

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released May 20, 2014

Thad Kopec - vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion,
synthesizer (4), wurlitzer (3), piano
Alex Plasket - trombone
Liza Anne - vocals (1)
Josh Gilligan - wurlitzer (1), vocals (3,6)
Mimi Ijir - flute (2,6)
Natalie Mays - cello
Robbie Jackson - guitar (3)
Alex T Leach - synthesizer (3), vocals (3,6)
Alla Smilnak - vocals (3,6)
Palmer Durham - vocals (3,6)
Molly Parden - vocals (5)

Engineered and mixed by Thad Kopec
Mastered by Trevor Richardson

Album art arranged by Thad Kopec, thanks to
Thad Kopec Sr. for providing the family photos.

All songs written by Thad Kopec



all rights reserved


Thad Kopec Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, TN

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Track Name: Noble Neighbor
If you are a good and noble neighbor,
Hold your hands out
If you owe your fellow man an acre,
Sleep on the ground
If your anger points you toward the North Star,
Aim your feet south
If you ever feel you’ve been forsaken,
Come to be found
Let us remember the days our souls were young
Let us forget all the awful things we’ve done
Let us find fullness in the peace of God’s love for everyone;
There we will find who we were made to become
If you find that you’re among your loved ones,
Count yourself blessed
If your tired feet are ever aching,
Come find Her rest
If your memory is haunted by your longings,
May you forget
Track Name: Youth
Break your chains upon the blade
You sharpened in your youth
Go up to the place you grew,
Cut down all you once knew
Don’t become like them, you’ll say
In the cold of bitter pride
You fostered all your life,
Drag your feet in the valley
Until you fall to die
You won’t become like them,
But you are going to die alone.
When you wake in warmth
Tell your beloved they are known
Run further from any thought
That takes you far from home
Track Name: Wake
The thunder woke me up
In the cool of the night
I walked out on the lawn
Stared up at the sky
I heard you
I woke up in my bed
Made of root and earth
A mist over my head
The moon shining through Her
I saw you
I want to be with you
Open up ancient books,
We can recover them!
Open eyes sacred mouth,
We can be one with them!
Track Name: Grow Down
I could not love you enough
All I had cut was in the rough
Given to the stone I will not grow
Given to the page I will not know
Everywhere I go, I want to be
Every single person that I see
Scratch all of their surface
Down to me;
Could I ever get it down to you?
In the wash I could only see
The black sash wrapped around your tree.
All of your life comes in leagues.
Grow down, sister!
When I saw I had nothing to offer,
Maybe it was then I was free
To love well the dirt under my feet
To know close the sky over the trees
Track Name: Albatross
Though ancient days may call your name
And gulls eat up the shore
Ever keep your vessel straight
And never weep no more
Oh Albatross
Keep your blackness from my mind
Oh Albatross
Keep your devils solely thine
And though the sea will weep for me
I’ll swear that I am just
Ever faithful I will be
Until we finally rust
Though I know she cries out for me
I shall never leave
Albatross took out my eyes
Forever blind I’ll be
Track Name: Careen
Careen, careen, careen, careen, careen, careen
Cleave to the mighty sculptress
And She’ll be what She will be
If I bend my bow up toward the sky
Can I loose an arrow that will snuff out the sun’s light?
Can I roam into that darkness
That I wrought with my own foolish hands?
Is that where I will finally find you?
Stealing through the broken promise land?