The Ridge

by Thad Kopec

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Banded Starling
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Banded Starling What a way to start an album. This song is filled with such poignant depictions of deep emotions on both ends of the spectrum. Beautiful song. Favorite track: Every Drop.
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released May 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Thad Kopec Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, TN

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Track Name: Every Drop
Every drop of water
Every drop of rain
Every drop of blood coursing
through my thirsty veins

Filled me up with fervor
Filled me up with hope
With the childish notion
that you’d be coming home

I heard your boots on gravel
Winding down the fence
In that misty morning fog
Could it be?

I ran out to greet you
My palms pressed to the sky
Grinning like a bobcat singing

An axe upon your shoulder
Yield of land behind
In a woven basket that
mother made with vines

Little bits of terror
Little bits of joy
All my imagination
the forest could employ

But the tree line did not yield a father
No figure emerged from the fog
I lay on the cool grass singing
Was it me?
Track Name: Guardian
Now you watch a cloud gather
As the dusk fills her with light
Gold robes of sad laughter
Wrap around red maples and pines

There is a guardian
That stands there at the gate
Asking you what you have to prove
By being there so late

And there’s something that tells you
that this is not right
But there’s something else tells you
it’s time to take flight

But the Good will go with you and keep watch as you sleep
The stars overhead will guide your weary feet

Your head is full of questions
That you have the right to ask
But the moon you look upon tonight
Is not going to answer you back

You may hear his voice reflect from stones
You may see his face in the pond
But the voice you hear is just your own
Not the one for which you long

And there’s something that tells you
that this is not right
But there’s something else tells you
it’s time to take flight

But the Good will go with you and keep watch as you sleep
The darkness will fall upon all that you leave
There in your questioning heart can you tell
lf you ever find him will you lose yourself?
Track Name: The Ridge
I’ve become a drifter with no land that I can till
No winter coat to keep me warm, no summer game to kill
If I die here in the wild the vines will bury me
Keep my body from the birds, my soul will be made clean

But what waits upon the other side of the ridge?

I’ll pack up all my things and make that journey to the north
Leave my memories in the woods the mountain calls me forth
To her cloudy bosom, in the stones I’ll make my home
Colder, closer to the sun, I’ll make my prayers known

What now squandered ruins can I say to calm your cries?
No thunder rolling in your bones, no lightning in your skies
So I’ll sit silent on your throne and dance among your streets
Quell your quiet brooding weep, go onward toward the sea
Track Name: Hunger
Have you seen the king?
He does not come down very often
You must be a stranger here
You have the look of one who’s hungry

So are we
I’m sorry there’s not more to give you
But still the fields give better
Than they did before the lord came

Who is this phantom
who rules over this phantom land?
He who sits upon
an empty throne can never stand again

You must be a stranger everywhere
Like him, you’ve traveled far now
I see in your eyes his longing, distant stare
A heart that always questions
Must be a hateful thing for your poor mother
Do you think of her now?
Where is she?
Does she mourn you
like he mourns you?

Have I become a beggar in my father’s kingdom?
Track Name: Retribution
What retribution have I earned
at the scythe of this land?
Cut every crop, but cut not my hand
In the eager gaze of the morning
twin swallows wing
In search of a flock;
black on the twilit ceiling

I did not ask for this
What a rotten lot in the viper’s pit
I’ve been given

Through painted woods I run
I feel not the brush on my skin
Only the cry of my kin
The creek of the slowly rising tree

I hear my father’s cry
I have no answer for him
Only in the forest dim
Do I know my place on the earth

I have asked for this
There in the questioning heart I’ve been given
Why would you spare me now?
You never spared me before
when I walked through the woods in doubt
Track Name: Owl Wakes Up
The sun is swinging over our heads
And tonight will fall into the canyon
A choice has followed where we have lead
But the light is getting low and we can’t catch it

You have chased me to the outskirts now
It’s funny how I used to chase you
You’d better decide quick, the sun is going down
To end it here or let me loose

I must have known that he would not be there
On the other side
It is only you that I’ve found here
And the river does not cry

I am sorry it turned out this way
But it’s your hunger that’s got you on the run
You see I know that look, I had it myself
You know the searching never ends my son

We both know I will not loose this bow
We both know you are free
But you are one of many among people you should know
With no more or less a right to be

But I am only glad for all I’ve seen
And I shake your dust in my raving flight
Keep your kingdom and I will keep moving
For the owl wakes up at night